Over the next few days, the two grew closer. Fabian shared his adventures as a Mockian, while Kelcy shared stories about her days at school. And even though Kelcy thought her stories were boring in comparison, Fabian never seemed to grow tired of hearing them.
“You know?” Kelcy asked one day while watching a cloud of dust chased Fabian in circles near the ceiling. “I don’t understand why you want to hear about what I do at school everyday. It’s so boring.”
“What?!” Fabian exclaimed, the dust crashing into him as he came to a complete stop. “You think your day is boring?”
“Yes,” she replied, confused by Fabian’s question. “It is. I just go to school and study and hang out with Tommy and Sarah. But you. . . you’ve been all over the world, and you’ve seen everything.”
Looking down at Kelcy, Fabian’s flapped his wings rapidly, as he rubbed his bearded chin in thought.
“Yes, I have been almost everywhere in this world as well as places that aren’t in this world, but I haven’t seen everything. Remember, I’m a mischief Mockian, so I’ve only seen the world through the eyes of bad kids. And as much fun as that has been, seeing the world through the eyes of a good child seems to be just as much fun, if not more so.” Noticing the confusion on Kelcy’s face, Fabian flew closer and looked her directly in the eyes. “So you see, Kelcy? I haven’t seen everything. Take multiplication for example. Before I met you, I didn’t even know how to multiply the number one or any other numbers to be totally honest.”
Kelcy smiled and said, “Yeah, well that makes two of us, and if it were up to me I never would.”
Fabian returned her smile before speaking again, “Maybe not, but you see, to me multiplication is new and exciting and the way we worked it out together was fun. Ya know, I think we make a good team.”
Kelcy nodded and changed the subject. “Far Beyond? Will you tell me that story again?”
Even though Fabian loved telling stories, he huffed slightly and began,
“I thought that if I did the tooth fairy a favor,” he said opening his mouth wide and pointing at Kelcy’s teeth before tucking them back into his mouth, “she would grant me a . . .”
Before he could get the word out, Kelcy blurted out,
“A wish! But why would you need a wish from the tooth fairy? I thought you were a fairy.”
Frustrated, Fabian silently counted four of his fingers as he answered.
“For the . . . fourth time. I’m not really a fairy.” Well, I am, but not like the tooth fairy. I’m a Mockian, a mischief Mockian,” Although Kelcy raised her hand, Fabian pretended not to notice as he continued. “Mockian . . . I guess the word that you would use here would be ‘maker’ a mischief maker. I am Fabian, the greatest mischief Mockian . . . eh . . . mischief maker, depending on where you’re from.”
Once again Kelcy raised her hand and this time Fabian looked at her and waited for her question.
“So, Far Beyond, will you do your song and dance again?”
Acting as if he were disgusted, Fabian reluctantly agreed,
“But this is the last time. And by the way, my name is Fabian.”
Kelcy’s smile was so cute that Fabian couldn’t even pretend to be disgusted any longer. Instead, he smiled back at the little girl and realized that he loved doing his song and dance even more than he liked telling stories, which was really saying something. As if clearing his throat, Fabian coughed into his hand, puffed out his chest and struck a very stiff pose.
If it’s mischief you seek
Then you should speak
The name that says it all.
If you want to play
Then you should say
I’ll give Fabian a call.
Fabian, Fabian
The Mischief Mockian
If he can’t play the prank
Then no one can.

Finishing his song, Fabian sat down on the bed next to Kelcy to catch his breath. When Kelcy tried to open her mouth, he held up his hand urging her to remain silent. After a minute or so, the winded little creature could see that she could no longer contain herself, so between breathes he said,
“Go ahead. What do you want?”
With this approval, Kelcy smiled and asked,
“So, you’re Far Beyond and you come from where?”
Fabian shook his head and explained.
“My name isn’t Far Beyond, it’s Fabian. I come from a place called Far Beyond, but that’s not my name.”
“Oh!” Kelcy exclaimed. “Your name is Far, Far, Far?”
Fabian could see the trouble that Kelcy was having, so he stopped her by raising his hand again,
“Why don’t you just call me Far Beyond?”
With that said, Kelcy smiled at her new friend and asked,
“Are you sure it’s okay?”
Smirking momentarily, Fabian answered,
“If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t like it, but I can’t imagine you calling me anything else. And to be quite honest, no one calls me Fabian back at home anyway.”
Confused, Kelcy asked, “So . . . What do they call you in Far Beyond?”
“Well, in Far Beyond they do call me Fabian. When I said ‘back home’, I meant the place where I was born. It’s called Midware, and there they call me ‘Hey you’ sometimes and ‘Yeah you’ at other times. Sometimes they call me both.”
Rubbing her chin, Kelcy asked, “‘Hey you’? . . . ‘Yeah you’? That’s what you call someone when you don’t know their name.”
Having no argument for this, Fabian simply nodded his agreement and said, “Well, no one’s complained, so we’ve never thought to change it.”
Shaking her head defiantly, Kelcy spoke.
“Well, I think that if I ever get to go to your home, I’m gonna call you by your name,” For emphasis she placed her hands on her hips, and added “in front of everyone.” To further drive her point home, Kelcy raised her chin up high and continued. “And, although I might call you Far Beyond, it’s still better than ‘Hey you’.” She finished, nodding repeatedly until Fabian returned the gesture.
Turning what Kelcy had just said over in his mind, the little Mockian’s looked up at the ceiling. Deep in thought, he eventually came to his own conclusion.
“You know? You might be right there.” Watching Fabian think, Kelcy imagined smoke coming from his head as he puzzled over the name situation in Midware. When he head didn’t erupt into flames, she shrugged slightly and listened to him speak.
“Every time someone calls out to me back home, everyone has to stop whatever they’re doing to see if they are the ones being called. It can be quite confusing sometimes.”
“I can imagine.” Kelcy chimed in, still looking for smoke that never came. “So Far Beyond it is then.” She said, giving up on the idea of smoke emitting from his head.
In response to Kelcy’s declaration, Fabian’s expression ranged from one of doubt to uncertainty and a couple others before settling into a big joyous smile that pushed the corners of his fiery mustache up.
“Fabian from Far Beyond.” He said, thinking of how it would feel to introduce himself by his name back home. “ Fabian Von Far Beyond” he repeated “ . . . Hello, I’m Fabian, nice to meet you. Hi there. Fabian here.”
After practicing his introductions a few more times, Fabian’s smile broadened when he looked at Kelcy and held out his hand.
“My name is Fabian. What’s your?”
Gently, Kelcy took his hand and replied, “Hello Far Beyond, my name is Kelcy. It’s nice to meet you.”
With that Fabian bowed deeply before breaking into his song and dance again.
If it’s mischief you seek,
Then you should speak.
The name that says it all
If you want to play,
Then you should say,
I’ll give Fabian a call.
Fabian, Fabian
The Mischief Mockian
If the Fab one can’t play the prank
Then no one can.
As he ran through the next verse, Kelcy jumped off the bed and joined him. When they finished, the two of them fell to the floor in a heap and laughed until their stomachs hurt. When things had settled down enough for Kelcy to speak, she wiped the tears from her cheeks and faced Fabian.
“So what now?”
Puzzled, Fabian asked. “What now, what?”
“Now what happens? I never got my visit from the tooth fairy. You have to give me back my teeth before you go, so she'll come.”
Staring at the ceiling, Fabian held the suspenders of his overalls and began to whistle innocently as he rocked back and forth. To his dismay however, he could tell that Kelcy was not about drop the matter. Looking down his nose at the little girl Fabian could feel her impatience growing as she waited for his response.
“Well . . . I could give you your teeth back, but why bother. I can’t leave.”
“What? Why can’t you leave?” All that Kelcy could think of was the trouble that she would get into if Fabian stayed in her room. “I’m gonna be cleaning dirt up for the rest of my life.” She protested.
“Well … You see, you’ve seen me.” From Fabian’s tone Kelcy felt that she should have known what he was talking about.
“So?” she eventually asked.
“So I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. If I were playing a prank on you and you saw me, I would have to hang out with you for a while, but since I was acting as the Tooth Fairy, I don’t know. I guess I should go back to Far Beyond and find out what I’m supposed to do.”
Fabian thought for a moment then turned his attention to Kelcy again.
“Hey Kelcy?” he said with an aire of innocence. “Do you think you could go to sleep right now?”
“Sleep? But it’s the middle of the day.”
“So, don’t you take a nap everyday?”
“Except on the weekends. If I took a nap today, my mother would know that something was wrong . . . Anyway, why do you need me to sleep?”
“Well, remember when I said that normally, I would have to stay with you for a while?” Nodding, Kelcy listened intently as Fabian continued. “What that actually means is that I would have to be available to you whenever you wanted me, and the only time I could be certain that you didn’t want me would be when you were asleep. So, you see, if you could just go to sleep right now, I could fly to Far Beyond real quick and get back here before you wake up.
“Oh . . . But, like I said, I’m just not sleepy. . . Sorry” Kelcy wished she could take a nap for Fabian's sake, but she just wasn’t tired.
Racking his brain, Fabian turned one idea after another over in his head, but nothing seemed to come to him until . . .
“What if I put you to sleep?” Before Fabian finished his question, a shiny amulet dangling from a silver chain appeared in his hand. While small carvings of Mockians covered one side of the amulet, small pictures of fairies appeared on the other. From where Kelcy sat, both the Mockians and the fairies seemed to fly around slowly on the two faces of the amulet. And when Fabian began to swing the amulet back and forth, the movement of the
Mockians and the fairies became even more apparent. When Fabian knew that he had gotten Kelcy’s full attention, he began to recite the following words, in as soothing of a tone as his scruffy voice would allow:
“Listen to my voice, the calming tone of it relaxes you,” The tiny fairy said as both his and Kelcy’s eyes followed the circular amulet and its animated fairies and Mockians from right to left.
“With every passing second you grow more relaxed, as my voice beckons you to sleep. Your eyelids are starting to feel heavy as if they are being pulled shut. Now imagine yourself swinging back and forth, as you fly around with the Mockians and fairies on the amulet. Your eyelids grow heavier.” The glint of the swinging amulet mesmerized Kelcy, as she listened to Fabian’s instructions. “Now, as I count back from ten, your eyelids grow heavier as you slowly fall asleep. Ten, you’re relaxing ever so slightly. Nine, your eyelids are growing heavier. Eight, my voice relaxes you as your eyelids close. Seven, you’re starting to drift off to the land of slumber. Six, your eyes are growing evermore tired. You feel sleepier. Five, you will be asleep in . . . “
As the blackness of sleep shut out Fabian’s voice, the swinging amulet and the world around them both, it was replaced by a magical place: A world, where all of the inhabitants from tooth fairies to mischief Mockians had wings that lifted them into the sky. Off to right, blue and purple trees towered over candy apple red mushrooms. Off in the distance, another group of winged creatures approached soaring slowly above the horizon. This was Far Beyond, a place that few humans had ever seen.
As more winged creatures approached, some of which resembled Fabian as they too displayed scruffy and matted beards and mustaches. Others displayed more subtle, and quite frankly, more attractive features like the delicate, see-thru wings and they were beautiful. Their hair was perfectly groomed and adorned with pretty ribbons and bows. These were the tooth fairies, while those with the scruffy beards were the Mockians.
The Mockians were a rowdy bunch that seemed not to mind flying into one another, but took every precaution in avoiding any contact with the tooth fairies. When these two groups had flown close enough, both could be heard yelling, but what they were saying was not quite understandable. Drawing a little nearer, their message soon became clear.
“Far Beyond! Far Beyond!”
Opening his eyes, Fabian left Far Beyond in the haze that was slowly lifting from his head. A moment or two later, he realized that it was neither the tooth fairies, nor his comrades and friends that had been speaking to him. Instead, when he opened his eyes, there before him sat Kelcy, who was urgently calling out his name, or what the two of them had agreed she could use as his name.
“Far Beyond! You fell asleep.” She said, trying to yell quietly.
Confused, the foggy-headed Mockian spoke. “What?! I didn’t fall asleep. You fell asleep.”
“No. I was supposed to fall asleep. You beat me to it.”
Scratching his head, Fabian re-traced the steps he had taken in an attempt to figure out what had gone wrong.
“Let’s see,” he said, indicating step one by holding up the pointing finger on his left hand. “I had the amulet going, and” He said, the second finger on his left hand joining his pointing finger. “I told you that you were sleepy.”
“And that my eyelids were getting heavy,” Kelcy added.
“Yeah, yeah heavy eyelids and counting backwards . . . I did that. I did everything . . . and someone did fall asleep. I would call this a success.” he giggled.
“Yeah. Good job. But . . .”
“I know. We’ve still got this puzzle on our hands, so . . .”
From Fabian hesitation, Kelcy could tell that he wasn’t comfortable with what he was about to say. She guessed that she would not be too thrilled about it, whatever it was either.
“I guess, the only solution is for you to go with me.”
Uncertain about what she had just heard, Kelcy’s ears perked up as everything except Fabian faded from any thoughts she had at that moment.
“Do you think your mother would miss you if I took you with me?” Although he asked this question out loud, Fabian had posed the question more for him self and didn’t really expect any response from Kelcy. This which was fine by Kelcy, because she didn’t respond; at least not to that question.
Instead Kelcy posed her own question.
“You want me to go to Far Beyond with you!?” She asked bouncing nervously.
“Yeah, if you don’t think your mother would miss you for a little while.”
Scarcely able to hide her excitement, Kelcy’s imagination had already taken her to Far Beyond. She wondered her only concern being how accurate the image in her head would compare to the real world of Far Beyond. Then something else occurred to her; something that Fabian had just said.
“How long is a little while?” she asked, her bouncing slowing to more of a bobbing-like motion.
With a sparkle in his eyes, Fabian smiled and said.
“Well, that depends.”
“Depends on what?” Kelcy asked.
“On whether we’re talking about one of your little whiles or one of mine.”
Smiling as her new friend flapped his wings and floated above the bed, Kelcy asked.
“What are you talking about, Far Beyond?”
Without saying a word, Fabian hovered slightly higher and cupped one of his hands behind his ear, as he whispered to Kelcy.
“Listen. Do you hear that?”
Shaking her head, Kelcy listened but couldn’t hear anything except Fabian, who spoke up again.
“Didn’t you hear that? There it is again,” he said, pointing at nothing in particular. “There it is. That’s the sound of a little while. Listen,” he urged.
Straining to hear what Fabian had heard, Kelcy noticed nothing.
“There it is again,” he cried. “Listen!”
With his hand still cupped behind his ear, Fabian now urged Kelcy to do the same. At first, she heard nothing, but as she listened closer, the faint sound of music became apparent. It was a quiet, small sound but as she continued to listen, it grew louder. With each passing second, it continued to grow louder, as more and more instruments introduced themselves into the song.
Initially, all that Kelcy heard was the rhythmic sound of the drums that were setting the pace of the song, but now she could also hear a trumpet. Next, the flutes came to life like butterflies flitting from one flower to the next. And after a little while longer, Kelcy could also hear the sound of violins weaving their way into the melody before being joined by an entire orchestra. The song was unfamiliar to Kelcy, but was quite beautiful and made her think of some of the good things that had happened in her life. While Kelcy swayed to the rhythm, Fabian danced in mid-air, dipping and diving to accent the melody until he began to sing, or more accurately narrate the first verse.
Well, you asked, so I must tell
About something you can’t buy or sell.
It’s small, but holds a great deal.
Depending upon how you feel.
It can happen when you’re asleep
It can happen when you’re awake
It can happen to anyone
It can be a lot of fun.
It can’t hurt to stop and look
It won’t be found in any book
It can sometimes make you smile
It’s a thing called a little while.
At this point, Fabian took a deep breath and began to sing the chorus with as much enthusiasm as he could muster up.
It takes a little while to bring some joy
To every single girl and boy
It takes a little while to lift a spirit
You’ve just got to put your mind into it.
Oh, a little while can go a long way
If it makes somebody else’s day
And that little while can also be used
To chase away a sad person’s blues
As the music slowed for the next chorus, Fabian’s mood became more somber, as he narrated the next verse.
Such a small thing can do all this you say?
Are there any rules to obey?
Is there a best time for little whiles?
Are there more than one or two styles?
Do I have to be a great hero?
Is there something special I should know?
Can I make these fine moments?
Are there powers that I must be sent?
Well . . .
Your questions I can now answer
Pay attention, cause here we go.
Yes, no, no, yes, no, no, yes . . . . . .No
So you see, Kelcy my friend
When you finally reach the end
It’s not something easy to define
It’s more like a state of mind
It takes a good little while
To make some people smile
A good little while can also be used
To chase away a sad person’s blues
Sometimes little whiles can bring joy
To every little girl and boy
It can lift all low spirits
Just put your mind into it
It takes a good little while
To make some people smile
It takes a good little while
To make some people smile
It takes a good little while
Smiling down at Kelcy, Fabian didn’t have to ask her to join in, as she had already made up her mind to do so. Together, the two of them belted out the last line of the song.
To make some people smile!
As Kelcy laughed, she had all but forgotten why Fabian started singing the song in the first place.
“So? You want me to go to Far Beyond?” She said as she jumped up and danced around the room. “I’m going to Far Beyond. I’m going to Far Beyond.”
Confused, Fabian watched as Kelcy pretended to talk to someone who was not there.
“So, Kelcy? Where have you been?” she asked as Fabian searched for the invisible person to whom she spoke. “Oh. I’ve been to Far Beyond. Heard of it? I didn’t think so.” With that Kelcy laughed loudly.
When Fabian failed to join in her laughter, she stopped and looked at the tiny sprite before her.
“What’s up?”
“Oh nothing. I’m still wondering whether your mother will miss you while you’re gone or not.”
Smiling, Kelcy walked over to Fabian. “So. How long will I be gone?”
Fabian thought for a moment, crinkling his nose as he figured out how long the trip would take. When he came up with an answer, he checked it in
his head one last time and then said, “About three and a half weeks,” he said, smiling at his mathematical accomplishment.
“Three weeks!?” Kelcy blurted out, halting all forms of celebrations that she had been doing up until that moment. “Three weeks!?” she cried out again. “That’s, that’s, that’s almost a year!”
Fabian couldn’t help laughing as he tried to reassure her. “No it’s not. That’s not even half a year Kelcy, and besides, it will go by faster than you think.”
“Faster than I think? I don’t know. I can think pretty fast sometimes.” Again, Fabian laughed as Kelcy continued. “Besides, even if it was only one week, I would hope that my mommy would miss me.”
“You think?” Fabian said as he re-thought his calculations. Could he have been wrong? “You think your mother would miss you if you’re gone for three seconds, maybe four?”
Now, truly confused, Kelcy asked. “Three or four seconds? I thought you said it would be three weeks.”
As she spoke the words, Fabian was already prepared with the answer to this question and now understood why the little girl was so confused.
“Oh, yeah. The trip will take us three weeks, but only three or four seconds will have passed here when we return. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it has something to do with what this guy named Einstein said.”
“Einstein? What kind of name is that?” Kelcy asked.
“I don’t know, but it’s from here . . . Earth that is . . . He’s one of the few people from Earth to see Far Beyond. But enough about Einstein, do you think your mother would miss you for that long? ”
Without saying a word, Kelcy started dancing again.
“I guess not.” Fabian said.
So excited was Kelcy, that she didn’t even hear the door to her bedroom open, as her mother entered.
“Kelcy?” she said as she watched her daughter twirl around the room. “Kelcy?”
Hearing her name, in a voice other than Fabian’s froze Kelcy in her tracks. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed about being caught dancing, it was more out of a concern for Fabian that held Kelcy motionless. Had her mother seen the little guy and if she had, what would she do with him.
Slowly, she turned, looking all around the room for Fabian. To her surprise, Fabian was nowhere to be seen. Satisfied that her secret was safe, Kelcy looked at her mother and smiled. Now, she was embarrassed.
“Oh. Hi mommy. I was just practicing a new step.”
Kelcy’s mother just smiled and said, “I can see that. Can you take a break? Dinner’s almost ready, and I need some help setting the table.”
“Dinner?” Kelcy puzzled, not realizing how much time she had actually spent talking to Fabian. Leaving her room, arm in arm with her mother, Kelcy thought about what Fabian had said about time and Einstein.
“You know mommy? I think I just had an Einstein moment.”
Shocked that her daughter knew the name ‘Einstein’, Kelcy’s mother looked at her through of the corners of her eyes as the two of them headed toward the dining room.
As the voices of Kelcy and her mother faded, Fabian peeked out from beneath the bed.
“Pffffeewww. That was a close one,” he said, checking to make certain that the coast was indeed clear. He then crawled from beneath the bed and jumped on top of it before hiding under Kelcy’s pillow for a long overdue nap.
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