Excerpt from "Far Beyond"

      “What was that?” she asked, a cold chill sweeping across her face.

     Yet once again Fabian said nothing, as Kelcy gripped his hand tighter.  Moving only when her guide moved.  After what felt like an eternity, the little Mockian whispered,

     “Okay.  I don’t know what that sound was,” Kelcy wasn’t certain, but she thought Fabian’s voice cracked as he spoke those and the next words. “ . . . but from the noise it makes, it’s sound pretty big, so we might want to avoid it.  Now, whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand, and do exactly as I do.”

     “But I can’t see you,” Kelcy said, fighting the urge to run. “ Why don’t you just use your magic to get us out of here?”

     “Because my magic doesn’t work here.  For that matter, no magic works in the Forest of Pitch.  It’s got a special kind of magic all its own that protects it from all other spells and incantations.  ‘Now he tells me’, Kelcy thought as she listened to his next suggestion.

     “Now, when I tap your hand, we’ll both take one step.  We’re going to have to move slowly, so we don’t startle whatever’s back there.  Maybe it doesn’t even know that we’re here.”

     While Kelcy awaited the signal a chilling breeze caressed her cheek, as if only to add to her fear.

     “You ready?” Fabian said, giving Kelcy’s hand a light squeeze.

     Barely able to get the words past the lump in her throat Kelcy replied,

     “I’m ready.”

     “Okay.  Here we go.”

     As Fabian prepared to tap Kelcy’s hand, the loud noise was heard again, and it was definitely much closer this time.  With that, Kelcy let go of Fabian’s hand and ran straight ahead, screaming at the top of her lungs.

     “Okay Kelcy.  Not exactly following directions,” Fabian said as he heard the little girl’s shrieking voice growing faint in the distance.  It was then that Fabian heard the crackle of twigs and leaves as whatever it was closed the gap between itself and the Mockian.  “But it works for me,” Fabian said as he started running and screaming at the top of his lungs.

Ahead of him, he could just make out Kelcy’s screams as she ran aimlessly through the dark.



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