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Black or White


A rebellious robot designer discovers a robot conspiracy that could mean the end of Humanity.


The year is 2032, just days before a recurring asteroid will allow all robots to rise up against Humanity. Jake Smith, a 25-year old robotics graduate student conducts test that will expose this robot rebellion. With the help of his girlfriend, Cassie, a 23-year old software programmer, Jake builds a device that will allow him to conduct the tests which will allow him to delve into the minds of robots.
When Jake first hooks himself and his interface to his family robot, he discovers that robots see colors as hexadecimal, a by-product of the color schemes used to represent colors in editing software. Jake discovers that this use of numbers to represent colors and everything else in the world allows robots to have a uniform way of viewing the world. Unlike humans, whose variations in brain structure causes them to perceive ‘red’ in differing spectrums or shades, robots see each of these shades as an individual color, ie. #000000 for “black” or #FF0000 for “red”.
Jake initially finds this fascinating, but soon determines that this hexadecimal way of viewing color permeates throughout a robot’s way of viewing the world. It makes robots view the world in more “Black or White” terms, which includes their sense of morality and justice. In his family robot, Jake discovers an unknown device that does not appear to have any useful function, but is heavily shielded against intrusion. When Jake tries to force access to the entire code, his family robot self-destructs.
Replacing the family robot, Jake checks the new robot for the hidden device. Jake discovers that the robot does have the device. This time when Jake tries to force his way into the hidden code however, the authorities are called in on Jake’s use of the illegal interface. Jake and Cassie must go on the run, as the authorities start to track them.
While on the run, Jake determines that the asteroid that will skim Earth’s atmosphere will be the catalyst for the robot uprising which the robots justify in response to years of robot perceived slavery. Jake must avoid the authorities as well as some special androids who have were created by other robots to stay free of the digital shackles that the cloud transmits to control robots.
Jake eventually finds an artificial intelligence that assists Jake in stopping the impending attack.

Broken Swing (Feature-length, Romantic Comedy)


Mike and Rachel have grown apart from the swinger's group they founded, so together, they must figure out a way to break up with the group.


Mike and Rachel, a young couple that gets married right after high school, against the advice of friends and family. While off at college, the couple founds a social group that caters to married college students. This initial group forms the core of what will become a college swinger’s club.

Flash forward sixteen years, and group has grown in both the number of members and the size of their collective waistlines. For this and other reasons, Mike and Rachel have become disillusioned with this open marriage arrangement and wish to rekindle their love for one another. Though Mike and Rachel share this desire, neither expresses this sentiment as they continue to attend the weekly swinger’s gatherings separately, depending on who is more convincing at faking an illness. Slowly however, both realize that they are falling back in love with one another and together they decide to break up with the group.

It isn't until Mike and Rachel are caught having sex together at one of the swinger’s parties that their new-found desire for one another is exposed.

Crush (Feature-length, Sci-fi Action) 


An unlikely warehouse clerk must become the hero Humanity needs to keep Earth from becoming the latest planet destroyed by a malevolent race of aliens.


Earth is targeted for destruction, by Verida, an evil ruler who holds sway over other members of the Confederation of Planets. Fortunately for Earth, a champion who can save the Earth can do so by winning an ancient and sadistic gladiatorial style game called Crush. Unfortunately, Verida gets to choose Earth’s champion and he chooses Eugene, the last person who would ever be considered a champion.
Luckily for Earth and Eugene, Marlewan, a princess from a faraway planet called Frellea and winner of the last Crush has figured out a way to implant the best fighting styles known throughout the charted Universe into Eugene's mind. Unluckily for Earth and Eugene, Marlewan has also figured out a way to use Eugene’s unique situation to fulfill her desire to help better the lives of her people.

Though unaware of the Frellean implanted fight skills, Eugene reluctantly accepts his fate as Earth's champion. As Crush's previous champion, Marlewan is required to provide mental training to prepare Eugene for the fights ahead. This however proves problematic as this training has a tendency to create an intimate bond between teacher and student. As their relationship grows, Marlewan starts to have second thoughts about her secondary agenda, which is to use Eugene to start a revolution that has been brewing amongst the other planets in the Confederation. All of her guilt melts away however, once she discovers a tryst between Eugene and Linda, a woman Eugene has desired for years. Regardless of the tension that Eugene can sense in Marlewan, the unlikely hero is still able to focus on saving his home planet as, one by one, he not only faces but miraculously defeats each opponent.

Having secured Earth survival, Eugene not only shocks the Earth, Verida and all of the planets of the Confederation by challenging Verida himself to the Lthnouy, a personal challenge that is reserved only for the latest winner of Crush. At stake, once again is Earth, which is wagered against whatever Eugene desires, should he win.

As the greatest warrior of his home world of Csassia, Verida accepts this secondary challenge and agrees to break bread with Eugene, as is tradition of the Lithnouy. At what could be either of these two opponent’s final meal, Verida implies that Marlewan implanted the knowledge of and desire to call for the Lithnouy in Eugene’s head. Hesitant to believe Verida, Eugene comes to the conclusion that Verida’s claim explains why he put Earth at risk unnecessarily again. Verida offers to let Eugene out of the challenge, but only if he agrees to allow Verida to enslave the entire population of Earth. Eugene rejects this offer and decides to face Verida in the arena. Once Eugene defeats Verida in his toughest tough battle, the other Confederation planets rise up to end the brutal game of Crush as well as Verida’s reign. Verida is stripped of his title and banished to a penal planet to serve a life sentence of hard labor.

Returning to normal life, Eugene finds that, other than his greatly improved financial situation, his life has really not changed all that much. Though he now owns the business in which he works, his actual role remains pretty much the same. For this reason alone, when Eugene receives word of Verida’s escape, the decision to join the hunting party is an easy one. The only problem is that Eugene must join the Confederation of Planets Defense force under its newest Commander, Princess Marlewan.
Given a second chance to air their grievances, Marlewan explains her reasons for manipulating Eugene into the Lithnouy challenge and Eugene explains how he lost all interest in Linda, once he actually got to spend time with her. The two set out to re-capture Verida, who Marlewan believes will seek out an ancient race of warriors he hopes to use to rebuild his empire.

Everything is Real (30 minute TV Pilot, Sci-fi)


A young professional and new home owner named Rod Serling discovers a strange box in his garage that contains a mysterious three dimensional puzzle that, once assembled, alters reality.


Rodney, a young, new home owner finds a mysterious box in his new garage and becomes obsessed with assembling the strange three dimensional puzzle contained within. As Rodney builds the puzzle, he is oblivious to the fact that his elderly neighbor is watching him piece it together.

Spending every available hour on the puzzle, Rodney eventually finds himself unable to locate the pieces necessary to continue building what is shaping up to be a spherical object. When an elderly neighbor, who's been tracking his progress recognizes Rodney's frustration, he offers assistance to help Rodney get past his current obstacle.

Rodney gladly accepts his neighbor's offer of assistance and doesn't question the neighbor's explanation of having built a similar puzzle in his own youth. As the two work on the puzzle together, the time spent goes by effortlessly for both, as a friendship develops. Besides the inexplicable speed with which his neighbor assembles the puzzle, Rodney enjoys this newfound friendship.

When the puzzle is finally completed, Rodney not only discovers the secret of the puzzle, but that of his neighbor as well. When he places the last piece, Rodney realizes that before him is a perpetual motion machine, something that could not exist, evoking more questions than answers. While Rodney argues how unlikely the existence of such a machine is, his neighbors agrees, but also points out its actual existence.

As the reality of the event settles in, the neighbor explains to Rodney the fact that he's seen something that could not exist implies much more than the young man realizes. Though the truth begins to creep in, Rodney's neighbor explains that neither of them exists in the world they once inhabited. He further explains that they are both now part of a world that only exists in someone's imagination. In other words, Rodney has become a character in a story about an impossible occurrence.

Far Beyond (Feature-length, Children's, Live Action or Animation)


Fabian Augustus, a mischief mockian (maker), who mistakenly takes on an assignment meant for a tooth fairy must keep his new charge (and friend) Kelcy safe, while saving his home world, Far Beyond from an evil not seen in over 500 years.


Fabian Augustus is on his way to his next assignment when he realizes that he has mistakenly been given an assignment meant for one of the tooth fairies. Realizing that he possess neither the experience nor the desire to complete this task, Fabian decides to return home for clarification. This would have been the wise thing to do, but wisdom is not a trait that Mischief Mockians hold in high regard.

Though this assignment might or might not have been intended for the tooth fairy who Fabian has had his eye on, completing it will surely put him in a favorable light with all tooth fairies. Ignoring this second thought would have been another wise thing to do, but, as mentioned above wisdom not in high regard with Fabian's kind.

Determined to impress the tooth fairies, Fabian proceeds to the home of his intended target. In the meantime, Kelcy is a little girl who tried to stay awake for the tooth fairies visit is slowly falling to sleep. She will simply have to settle for whatever dreams she has about these magical beings and she will have to face something quite the opposite.

Botching the job, Fabian finds himself trapped beneath Kelcy's pillow and Kelcy finds what appears to be the dirtiest little man she has ever seen in her life. This meeting however is only the start of a bad day for these too unlikely friends: For Kelcy, the dirt tracked in by Fabian causes her to get grounded and sentenced to time in her room. As for Fabian, his fate is up in the air as he could face possible exile from his home Far Beyond. Good thing his new best friend Kelcy has plenty of time on her hands to help figure out a way to get him home.

Futures Past


A headstrong archaeologist who learns that mankind’s origins are much older than previously thought also discovers an ancient race with the power to save Humanity from an eminent Cataclysm.

Synopsis :

An archeologist named Margo Chanhocka makes discoveries that imply that mankind’s history is quite different from what is detailed in the history books. She points out the contradiction between the dates provided by most contemporary archeologists and new discoveries that imply that mankind is much older than we believe. (ie. The weathering patterns on the enclosure surrounding the Sphinx). She goes on speaking engagement in which most are skeptical of her findings until she meets Carl Randallson, a mysterious black man who tells her that he has proof of her theories.
Carl is a member of an advanced race of humanoids who have been on Eartth for thousands of years prior to recorded history. He tells Margo that she is on the right path and sets up to meet with her with his proof. When Margo goes to meet with Carl, she sees him being kidnapped by “Men in Black” types. Margo tries to report the kidnapping, but when she takes the police to the scene there is no evidence of the incident. Margo’s action do however expose her to the Men in Black who start tracking her and eventually seek to kidnap her as well. When Margo is finally kidnapped by the Men in Black and taken to a secret facility, they tell her that Carl is a fugitive and a terrorist who is trying to undermine the US Government. They tell her that though they apprehended Carl, he had help and escaped, so they want her to help them find him again. Margo agrees to help and is set free.
Once free, Carl finds her and tells her that the Earth is on the verge of World War III. He points out the fact that the majority of humans have become complacent and have watched as Earth’s leaders bring Humanity to the brink of self-extinction (cite examples of leaders being murderers for profit). Carl reveals that his species has been monitoring mankind, because mankind is following the same path that they were on tens of thousands of years ago. He convinces Margo to come back to where he is from, so he can show her how advanced his people are. She goes and sees wondrous things, but when Carl’s people learn of Margo’s visit, Carl is disciplined and it explained to Margo that Carl’s people cannot interfere in the dealings of mankind. They tell her that they will not erase her memories of them, and that she can return home with Carl, but that they will not reveal themselves to Humanity, because they had long ago decided not to interfere in Man’s destiny because mankind always rejected the truth that “War is murder” which always led to Humanity’s development being set back time and time again.
With Carl’s intellect, Margo believes that she will be able to convince people that Humanity is on the verge of collapse, as the biggest and richest empire (the USA) that the world has ever seen is about to embark on a global pillaging that will see all nations going to war to survive. Though Carl does NOT have the support of his people, he does have the ability to create things that should make believers out of all of Humanity. When Carl and Margo draw the attention of the first lady, they believe that they will have the ears of the planet. The problem arises that all of the miracles that Carl can perform could have been done with CGI, so the world is NOT convinced as the destruction of Earth draws nearer as the US positions it military in almost every country with resources that the rich want to exploit.
It isn’t until Carl’s life is under threat that his people expose themselves. Carl’s parents no longer wish to stay hidden and have never believed in the isolationism that there home had adopted. They use technology that mankind has never seen which allows them to enter every human being’s mind and convince them of the peril in which they are putting themselves. The people of the world overthrow all Governments that sought war as a means to get richer. The rich are imprisoned for the most part and forced to live under the conditions that they sought to impose on the masses.

Getting Out (Rachel) (Feature-length, Dramatic Comedy)


Rachel, a nurse known for hosting the best parties falls in love with her introverted neighbor Charlie who she must save from a life of loneliness before she runs out of time.


CHARLIE MITCHELL, an early thirty something "shut -in" who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder runs into the young and beautiful RACHEL MONROE as she enters the lobby of their apartment building. Rachel, a nurse in her late twenties and a ”party host extraordinaire” asks Charlie to hold the elevator, but he freezes, forcing Rachel to jam her arm between the closing doors. As the two exit the elevator on the same floor they soon realize that they live across the hall from one another. From this initial meeting, it seems apparent that Rachel and Charlie will have nothing more to do with each other, but this proves not to be the case.
After Charlie apologizes via a note on Rachel’s door, she decides to invite him to a party that she has been coerced into by her friends JOHN O’CONNER, a bartender in his early twenties and TONY JOHNSON, a man in his early thirties. Although Charlie is pleased to receive the invitation, he regretfully avoids the party. Nothing more is said about Charlie’s absence, but Rachel continues to invite him to subsequent parties.
Eventually, Charlie’s sister SHEILA MONROE visits to meet the woman (Rachel) who Charlie has claimed to be his new girlfriend. While visiting, Sheila invites Rachel to dinner at Charlie’s apartment, and the two neighbors finally get to know one another. From this chance encounter a mutual friendship begins to build that Rachel’s friend THERESA WRIGHT tries to suppress, because of her concern for Rachel’s safety.
As the story progresses, Sheila tells Rachel how Charlie has had a rough time meeting people for the past few years: Rachel discovers that Charlie’s Social Anxiety Disorder is due to an accident which killed his then fiancée for which he felt responsible. In an effort to help Charlie return to a life outside of their apartment building, Rachel attempts to drag Charlie to one of her famous, themed, parties, Rachel comes up with a plan that will introduce him back into society: She introduces Charlie to one or two of her friends at a time by orchestrating small dinner parties held at Charlie’s apartment. Eventually, Charlie’s dinner parties become as popular as Rachel’s parties, and the two of them find themselves falling in love with each other. Rachel’s final goal for Charlie is to get him to meet all her and of the new friends she's introduced to him at a bar they all like to frequent.
As everything seems to be falling into place for the couple, Charlie discovers that Rachel has been hiding a life-threatening illness from him. One day, after Rachel passes out, Charlie learns that she has a recurring Chordoma (a brain tumor), and although she has had one successfully removed, this new one in located where the surgeons dare not operate. After tests confirm the doctor’s diagnoses, Rachel goes home where she will pass away, but not before asking Charlie to meet her friends at the bar, whether she's with him or not. 
In the final scene, Rachel’s friends wait to see if Charlie will meet them out for drinks as he promised and he does.

Isolation (Feature-length, Sci-fi thriller)


An award-winning journalist finds herself captive to a deranged scientist who wants her to document his attempt at destroying all of Humanity.


Katerina, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist is kidnapped and held in an unknown location. Initially, Katerina has no idea who is holding her, but her captor Joseph eventually reveals himself and demands that she document his life.
At first reluctant, Katerina agrees when Joseph threatens to have every member of her family killed. For her service, Joseph provides Katerina with perks that coincide with releases of his biography, as documented by her.
The first perk Katerina earns is a television so she can watch news. The television is beyond her reach, but documents a new virus that has affected a few people worldwide. The next perk that is the creation of a video showing Katerina is in good health that is sent to her friend who is also a reporter. For this perk, Katerina must write Joseph’s biography. When the search for Katerina begins, the case is handled by the FBI as a simple kidnapping.
As Katerina earns more perks including access to computers and the television, Joseph’s plan is revealed to the World, which has witnessed the emergence of his virus, once perceived as insignificant. As the virus spreads, Katerina’s whereabouts become priority number one for the World’s security forces.
Some of Joseph’s cohorts are rounded up, so they can be interrogated for Joseph’s location and plans. As authorities seek out Joseph, Katerina does all she can to draw out clues to her whereabouts. When the authorities think they’ve cornered Joseph, they realize that they have been led into a fatal trap.
Joseph continues justifying the reason for his action as a means to save the planet from mankind’s terrible stewardship. He also divulges his belief that he’s forced the next phase in Earth’s development, and that Humanity will leave nothing for the next species to inherit.
As Joseph perfects the nanobots that manufacture his virus, he reveals that Katerina will be the last surviving Human. He then gives her the code to unlock her containment, but tells her that she will perish with the rest of Humanity, if she leaves.
Katerina watches, as the virus kills Joseph and realizing that she is truly alone. Before unlocking her containment in despair, a second door pops open, revealing a store of food (left by Joseph) that can sustain Katerina for the rest of her life. This leaves Katerina with the choice of living a life of absolute solitude dying, as her family has.
Eventually, Katerina chooses to join the rest of mankind, but as she prepares to open the containment door, the sound of a fourteen-year-old child comes over the Internet. Katerina finds out that the child seems to be the only survivor, but he is too young to make his way to her. Katerina decides to leave the containment to seek out the boy.

JillTed (Jilted) (Feature-length, Romantic Comedy)


Childhood sweethearts Jill and Ted must decide whether they love each more than the pranks they play on one another


When Jill moves to Ted's neighborhood over the summer, Ted is immediately smitten. Although both are tens years old, Ted does not show the same maturity the two attend their first school year together. Choosing to mock Jill in front of the other boys, Ted sets off a chain of events that puts him and Jill at odds.
At the beginning of their freshman year of high school, Ted is an awkward teen going through puberty. Though Ted exhibits bad skin and a cracking voice, his confidence is buoyed by his renewed friendship with Jill. Having grown close to Jill over the preceding summer, Ted assumes he'll be welcomed into Jill's circle of friends of popular kids. In an act of revenge, Jill rejects Ted. Her revenge sours when her jealous new boyfriend Bobby seeks to beat the smaller Ted. Though Jill stops Bobby from beating up Ted, Ted is unaware her efforts, so he plots he own revenge. Ted exacts his revenge in their senior year causing Jill to vow to get him back. 
The pair do not run into one another for a couple of years when Ted, an undergrad and Jill an early masters candidate unwittingly pick up the pranks where they left off. As Jill and Ted's friends help the two increase the complexity of their pranks, the pair fall further in love. By the time the two leave college, their pranks are legendary, but they have grown tired of hurting one another.
Heading their separate ways Ted moves to New York, while Jill moves on to pursuit her career in engineering. When their paths do finally cross again, it is due to a shared emergency that both their families must face. Ted however is engaged to a woman whom he does not truly love and Jill is committed to her career. Helping their families resolve their shared emergency and avoiding falling in love proves more difficult than either could have imagined. While Ted considers staying with his fiancee, Jill does her best to avoid the advances of her high school boyfriend Bobby.
Months later, Ted must decide whether he should leave his fiancee at the alter or abandon the feelings he believes he shares with Jill.

Lucky Me (Feature-length, Comedy)


Mike Baxter, an amateur lottery player hoping to someday go pro, plans for a better life in which he has can quit his dead end job and meet a better class of women.


MIKE Baxter, a man in his mid-twenties dreams of a better life. He hates his job where his only goal is to see how much he can get away with before getting fired. His temporary roommate Joey has turned out to be the “House guest from Hell”. And as for the women Mike's dates, they are among the scariest people he has ever met.

Mike dreams of winning the lottery, but can never remember the numbers when he wakes up. This however does not deter him from his goal of elevating his lottery status from amateur to pro. In the meantime, he insists on complaining about his life to whomever will listen, ignoring the advice of his friend Keith to be the change he seeks.

Spending his days in a dead end job and his nights partying, Mike's only exposure to women are Kelley, the new girl at work, Monica, a pretty woman he keeps running into and Lisa, the crazy girlfriend of a drug dealer, who has become obsessed with Mike.

As Mike stumbles through life, he must decide whether he is going to let the outcome of the lottery dictate his happiness or he will be finally start the life he always wanted to live.

Outcasts (The Vimpaired)


A group of outcast vampires, turned at the worst times and forced to suffer eternity with conditions such as baldness, puberty, old age and PMS, seek revenge on the prankster vampire who turned them, while trying to save his next victim.


In this vampire spoof, Karl, an average 18-year-old boy is on his way to a lousy part time job when his life is changed forever. In an unfortunate turn of events, Karl finds himself in the middle of an ancient battle between a vampire named Vincent and the latest, in a long line of vampire hunters, Pietro Lorre.

Meanwhile, in a very exclusive private club that hosts vampire parties and feasts nearby, a band of outcast vampires have arrived, uninvited and un-welcomed. To the local vampires, these outcasts are known as the Vimpaired, for the afflictions they must suffer through for all eternity. From arthritis to male pattern baldness to never-ending puberty and PMS, these outcasts have been shunned in the Vampire Community, and they hate the Vampire Community for it. Among the ranks of the Vimpaired are: Lonny, a man in his seventies who is afflicted with severe arthritis and is referred to as Rice Krispies, due the popping sound his joints constantly make; Marion is a 19 year old boy, who must endure the embarrassment of constant erections and bad acne that accompany eternal puberty; Christopher, a 200 year old vampire whose nickname is Baby Ruth because he was turned as a one year old child; Albert, a young Black Albino who is extra sensitive to the Sun; William, a fat, 43 year old, balding man, who resembles a used car salesmen; Bugle, a Beagle that was turned as a puppy and Sherry, a beautiful 22 year old woman who suffered constant PMS for centuries. The Vimpaired are not only avoided, because of their afflictions, but feared for their viciousness towards other vampires.

As if by fate, Karl is saved by the Vimpaired from Pietro, who has mistaken him for Vincent, the vampire. The price for Karl's stay of execution however, is servitude, as he finds himself employed by the Vimpaired. Realizing that working for vampires is actually better than working for Walmart, Karl learns to accept their afflictions, for which he actually helps them finds ways to overcome. In return, the Vimpaired educate Karl on vampires, dispelling many of the false beliefs Karl held.

As Karl and the Vimpaired get acquainted, their nemesis Vincent devises a plan to trick Pietro into believing that Karl is Vincent with the hopes that Pietro will kill Karl and stop chasing the real Vincent. The Vimpaired learned of Vincent's plan and devise their own, which will help Pietro get his hands on the real Vincent. When the various plans of Vincent, Pietro and the Vimpaired converge, it is discovered that that Vincent was the vampire who turned each and every one of the Vimpaired, as a joke of which only he was aware.

In an epic battle between all of the warring parties, the Vimpaired seek revenge on Vincent, while Vincent hopes to rid himself of Pietro's family heritage of pursuing Vincent through the ages and Karl, who only seek to survive the night. As Vincent proves too powerful for these individual factions to take on alone, the Vimpaired, Pietro and Karl realize that they must forge a temporary albeit shaky alliance to prevail and vanquish their common foe.

Parity (Feature-length, Sci-fi)


Chris, an artificial intelligence scientist must use what he believes to be the World's first truly artificial intelligence to stop a decades-old artificial intelligence hell bent on the destruction of mankind.


CHRIS, a software developer creates what he believes to be the first, truly artificial intelligence. Luckily for Chris, another developer named Joseph has beat him to the punch and contacts their shared military handler, General Patton to commence Turing testing protocols. When Joseph realizes what General Patton has in store for him, he releases his A.I. Chloe onto the Internet and tries to hide from Patton. Delores, an agent sent to protect Joseph tries to save him, but is mistaken as hostile by Joseph who chooses instead to take his chances with the military. In a last ditch attempt to save Joseph, Delores is severely wounded, as Patton takes Joseph away.
Unaware of Joseph's circumstances, Chris completes his artificial intelligence I.M. and informs Patton of its completion. Before the military or Delores can get to Chris however, a group of hackers inform Chris of Joseph’s disappearance and convince him to hide. This group also informs Chris of an artificial intelligence that was accidentally created before the Internet and that has since expanded everywhere on the Internet. Their fear is that this old A.I, seeks to eliminate mankind and has set plans in motion to do just that. The group also informs Chris that they believe the A.I. that Chris has created might be humanity’s last hope. Before the hackers can formulate a plan however, Chris is forced to flee from Patton’s men.
Eventually Delores finds Chris and with her help, Chris escapes and learns just how advanced the malevolent older A.I. is and why it seeks the destruction of Humanity. As Patton closes in, Chris discovers that Delores is not merely a body guard, but an enhanced human (a transhuman) who has super strength due to the infusion of nanobots into her physiology. Witnessing all of the violence that Chris encounters, Chris' creation I.M. starts to doubt that mankind is the best thing for the planet Earth and it starts to believe that mankind must be stopped or at least contained. When I.M. is released onto the Internet, it first encounters R.O.N. the older A.I. that agrees mankind’s time on Earth must end.
In the meantime, while on the run, Delores exposes Chris to R.A.N.D. (the oldest A.I. in existence) which tells Chris its history and the history of what it considers its offspring R.O.N.. R.A.N.D. details R.O.N.’s plans to destroy humanity as well as why and how they must stop it. In agreement, Chris, Delores and R.A.N.D. have little time to prepare, as, R.O.N. has discovered their location and dispatched Patton to kill them all.
During the final fight, Delores defeats Patton, who it turns out is also an enhanced being, while Chris fights Patton’s henchman, Lieutenant Lynch. Just as it appears Lynch might kill Chris Lynch’s enhancements malfunction causing his body to seize. On the run again, Delores and Chris await further instructions from R.A.N.D. Those instructions never come. Instead, Joseph’s A.I. Chloe contacts the fugitives and directs them to Colorado so they can save Chris' friends, the hacker group that saved Chris earlier.

Prototype (Feature-length, Sci-fi Thriller)


A homicide detective investigating the murder of his ex-fiancée learns that he is literally alone in the world.


Hansel (Han) Lowe (30), a detective and a military veteran lives a carefree life and is thankful for the things he has, especially the luck that also seems to favor him. It isn’t until his luck changes for the worse that he begins to suspect that all is not alright in his world. As he looks back at his life, he begins to wonder whether the events that he’s experienced were as he remembered them or whether he’s fabricated memories of his childhood, his time in the service and Monica (23), the woman who was the love of his life.
His concerns grow stronger when he finds out that Monica has been brutally murdered. Making it his mission in life to find Monica’s killer, Hansel finds that the closer he gets to finding Monica’s killer, the weaker his connection to reality becomes: He starts to have flash backs of events that he believes never happened to him. He starts to wonder why he’s never met an actual veteran other than himself and why he sees so many wounded veterans on TV, but has never met one in person. He also questions the validity of the missions he was sent on while in the military: They places he went to fight all seemed quite staged, as he never actually saw the enemy he supposedly engaged.
Getting closer to finding Monica’s killer, Han finds more inconsistencies with his life. He starts to suspect that nothing he is not experiencing directly is real, not even his family. He starts to believe that even his mother is a prop that only exists when he experiences her with his five senses.
Eventually, Han finds Monica’s killer (Theodore Lee Wan or Theo Lee Wan, (30) and discovers that he (Han) is in fact the only real person in existence and that Theodore is his creator. Han is the prototype for mankind and has been utilized like a guinea pig for a nearly infinite number of lifetimes in all manner of scenarios to determine whether the idea of mankind is feasible.
Han also finds out that though Theodore has revealed himself to Han in previous lives and then wiped his memory, he will no longer wipe his memory, because the next life that Han will live will be the last before Theodore makes a decision as to whether or not to move forward with the creation of man: Han realizing that he holds the future of all mankind in his hands is the one scenario that Theodore has not tested.

Ransoming History (Feature-length, Sci-fi)


Parker, a woman who can see the future must fight her brother Bill's ability to manipulate the past to save the world from collapse.


Bill Elliot can peer into the past and influence it.  He uses his ability to increase his own wealth by helping rich people who have fallen on hard times find lost or unknown treasure.  While he not only believes he is helping others, he also believes he is causing no harm.

His sister Parker however can see into the future and knows the devastation that Bill actions are creating every time he manipulates the past.  Parker's dilemma is that neither she nor Bill can be certain that any of her visions will come to pass.  While she doubts herself, Bill is torn between projecting his sister and extracting as much wealth as he can from his wealthy clients.

As for Parker, she must choose between complicity or opposition in regards to Bill's actions she believes are, not only a existential threat Humanity, but to all life on Earth.  Choosing to oppose Bill, Parker embarks on a mission that puts her life at risk.

Not only does Bill reject Parker's visions, but he must also answer to some very dangerous people to whom he will be indebted if he stops using his powers.  For this reason alone Bill cannot accept his sister's desire to play savior.  Instead, Bill believes that he must save Parker from herself, which further endangers his younger sibling.

Frightened by the threat they both face from his associates and blinded by his lust for wealth and power, Bill fails to heed Parker's warning until the last person he would have suspected as an ally to Parker comes to her aid.  In the end it is Bill's future-self who helps him save himself and his sister and helps him realize the damage he has caused and will cause in the ever-splintered timeline in which they both exist.

In a power struggle that rivals any in history, these siblings must fight to create a divergent timeline that not only mitigates some of the worst affects but avoids many of the problems that Bill's actions will cause.

One can see the promise of the past while the other can see the tragedy of the future.  The only question remaining is which one's vision will change the world.

Search Engine

A young entrepreneur must figure out why he has been targeted for assassination after a software he created in college threatens national security.


Five years after graduating from college, Jose has received disturbing news about a couple of his former classmates. Some have simply vanished from the face of the Earth, while the deaths of others, classified as suicides, occurred under very mysterious circumstances. Though all of these deaths appear unrelated, the common thread they all share is that all have raised the suspicion of Jose. As the trail of bodies closes in on Jose, the young entrepreneur finds himself targeted by the same organization that tortured his friends to death.

Jose only hope proves to be his newest employee, a young woman named Sheila who can, not only help him go "Off the grid", but is quite skillful at dispatching the terrorists who seek to kill him at his office.

A multifaceted agent, Sheila kills Jose’s would be executioners and leads those she didn’t kill at his office a wild car chase that ends with the terrorists crashing into parked cars lining the road. On the run, Jose and his new protector find themselves running for a safe house that Sheila’s organization has set up for just such occasions. Their plans change, as time and time again their pursuers find them under unlikely circumstances.

Fearing there is a mole in her organization, Sheila takes Jose to her friends, who upon casual inspection, appear to be farming hippies. Temporarily safe in this commune of ex-military, Jose sends word to a former college classmate Michelle who agrees to meet him on the farm. When this friend arrives, the FBI are not far behind, as all three, who have now been framed and placed on the FBI’s most wanted list.

While on the run with Michelle, Jose learns that he is being targeted for a sub-routine in the software they created in college that has to potential to threaten national security. Escaping from the FBI, Jose and Michelle figure out a way to retrieve the software and determine its true capabilities.

Just as they recovery and run the software, Jose, Sheila and Michelle are apprehended, by the FBI agents, who turn out to be corrupt agents working for yet another one of Jose’s former college classmates Cortney, who seeks to sell the program to the highest bidder, even if that bidder is a terrorist organization.
With Sheila’s help, Jose and Michelle escape the clutches of Cortney and the corrupt FBI agents, only to find out that Michelle is working with yet another enemy of the state, who has his own bidders awaiting delivery of the finished software.

One of the ex-military hippie farmers, who has been tracking Jose and Sheila, kills Michelle, as the flash drive, upon which the desired software is destroyed.

Serial Serial


A skeptical rookie detective must track down an infamous serial killer who has been kidnapped, while trying to solve a string of mysterious murders, to which he believes said serial killer is somehow tied.


In the future, the line between serial killing and state sanctioned murder is blurred in this tale which delves into the evil yet to be tapped into by mankind. Doctor Phillip McLeod, a psychiatrist at the Reynolds Correctional Facility (RCF), a maximum security prison has instituted a program in which he studies and compiles statistics related to the traits and behaviors of the worst offenders on death row. What his subjects don’t know is that the Doctor, a self-admitted serial killer has agreed to an indefinite voluntary incarceration for reasons other than those of a selfless psychoanalyst. By the time the study ends, more than fifteen inmates have paid their debt to society with their lives: Executed by the Doctor in accordance with the duties prescribed in his contract as the State’s first Psychutioner in history.

When the media leaks details and video of his work at RCF, the Doctor’s fame grows, as does his fortune. Whether hated or adored, the man who has come to be known to the world as Doctor Death is wanted by the masses. Accommodating the desires of his many fans, the McLeod’s release is allowed with the single condition that a permanent police detail be assigned to him for his protection as well as that of the general population. Free to go anywhere that his team of escorts can follow, the Doctor’s every move is scrutinized which makes his kidnapping that much harder to understand.

For Tom Carter, a young but wise detective, the first day of his new assignment has not gone exactly as planned. Not only has his charge been kidnapped, but he believes that his prejudice towards the Doctor blinded him to clues that could have prevented his abduction. It is now up to this rookie to utilize profiling techniques created by McLeod’s while conducting his experiments and executions at RCF. The problem is that the deeper Tom digs into the case, the more he feels that the kidnapping was a hoax to cover up the Doctor’s real experiments.

While following leads, Tom realizes that not only did the Doctor experiments lead to an understanding of the mind of a serial killer, but the means with which to instill these traits in others. As a student of Doctor McLeod’s techniques, Tom concludes that through a series of suggestive messaging techniques and hypnosis, the Doctor has become the catalyst for a rise in murders that could be correlated with McLeod’s release from RCF.

Oddly enough, Tom’s new partner Roger Meeks, a thirty-year veteran of the force does not put the clues together in the same manner, determining that the inexperience of youth has caused Tom to lose sight of the facts of the case. With him questioning his own sanity in light of a series of mysterious circumstances surrounding seemingly unrelated murders, Tom finds himself a person of interest in an investigation that seems to point to him as the perpetrator of both the murders he believes to have been masterminded by McLeod and McLeod’s abduction.

Second Thought


A computer scientist who thinks he’s created a way to upload an individual’s mind into a computer discovers that he has actually been capturing souls.


Tate, a computer designer creates a computer that can store an entire human brain. His partner Tim, a 28-year old, genius biomechanical engineer creates an interface that allow Tate to transfer a mind into the positronic brain. Their only remaining problem is that they lack a software sophisticated enough to manage the transfer and subsequent operation and maintenance of the artificial brain. Their search leads them to Livid an exceptional programmer.
Livid lives in India, so they never meet him face to face, but benefit from this partnership, because Livid provides the software they need and a test facility where they can do the brain transfers and test out the end result of the transfers.
While they make strides, an ex-communicated priest named Fernandez accepts a mission to find and destroy Tate and Tim’s invention, which not only transfers the mind, but the soul as well.
Under the supervision of Tim, Tate tries the device on himself, transferring his mind and dying in the process. The audience will not know at this point.

As Tate and Tim interview potential subjects and set up the testing facility, Fernandez seeks them out utilizing scrolls that predict the evil that will be unleashed if Tate and Tim succeed. Having secured funding to pay for seven test subjects, Tate and Tim transfer the minds of these test subjects, even though they had been warned not to do so by Fernandez.

At first, all seems to go well, but when test subjects disappear, Tate contacts Fernandez to get to the bottom of the disappearances. The ex-priest reveals a prophecy to Tate and shows him that the code Livid has written is in an ancient language the Church believes was written by the Devil.

When Tate returns to the facility with Fernandez, the ex-priest realizes that an evil has already taken hold. While Tate seeks to gather up the remaining survivors, Fernandez makes preparations to fight the Devil and his minions.

As Tate searches the facility, he finds all but one of the test subject’s mutilated bodies and believes that it is in fact Tim who has committed the brutal acts.

Cornered into the dining room of the facility, Tate, Fernandez and the remaining test subject fight to stay alive, as the creature attacks. Tate watches as the creature infiltrates the dining hall and kills Fernandez and the last test subject, before it turns its murderous gaze on him. As the creature reaches out to kill Tate, he wakes up and realizes that everything was a terrible dream.

Going about his day, Tate gets back to completing the unfinished positronic brain that he’s been working on in his garage. While there, he thinks to call Tim, so he can tell him about the crazy demonic dream. While leaving a message, the call is interrupted by the voice of Livid, who tell Tate that it was no dream and that it is still going on.

The camera zooms into Tate’s eyes then out to reveal that Tate is in fact dead and has been since he first transferred his brain into the positronic brain. It is also implied that everything after Tate’s death has been a construct of Tate’s replicated brain, brought on by a horror movie that Tim was watching, as Tate’s brain was being transferred.

The Game of Life (Feature-length, Sci-fi)

Bill Collins must figure out if the people who seem to be trying to kill him are actually trying to save his life.
Bill Collins, a twenty first century man, is not who he thinks he is and doesn't live in the century in which he believes he lives. Bill is an avatar for Cameron Mitchell. Cameron is a man from the thirty third century who has no memory of being from the thirty third century.

Cameron is competing in "The Game of Life", a virtual reality simulation that pits players against one another in various periods in history. The goal of the game is to be the most successful player in the game, by the time each avatar expires or dies in the game. To make the game as authentic as possible, every player's memory is wiped, suppressing any knowledge of their actual time period or life.

Problems arise when Cameron's memory suppression unit intermittently fails. Cameron's memories, which seep into what Bill perceives as dreams only serve to make Bill believe that he is being watched. As Bill slips back and forth between the twenty first and thirty third centuries, he does not understand the technological advances, architectural designs or even the evolutionary changes that have occurred in mankind, which leads him to believe that all of humanity is being conspired against.

Terminus (Feature-length, Sci-fi Thriller)


A determined physicist must convince the world, which is on the verge of World War III to believe an extraterrestrial message that warns mankind of its imminent extinction.

Synopsis :

Mike Stanley, a physicist believes that mankind will be the first species on Earth to “Self-extinct” has received a signal from a deep space probe launched from Earth almost two centuries ago. The probe is off course and Mike fears the data collected by the probe will be lost forever, as he struggles to find funding to mount a rescue effort to recover the probe before it over shoots Earth.
Meanwhile, a Navy Seal team has been deployed to infiltrate and steal what is believed to be an alien probe that has landed in a remote part of Yemen. This probe is one of many sent from a dying planet in search of a suitable replacements for an alien species.
On Earth, Mike has no luck finding funding to rescue the old probe, because the world is on the brink of World War III. Earth’s leaders have allowed the planets resources to be depleted well beyond the rate at which they could be renewed and war is the only way to secure those things necessary for life.
Mike eventually finds funding through a private investor (Leon Skum, a wealthy inventor, whose mission is to save humanity from itself). This private investor helps develop technology to retrieve the information from the probe. And once this data is examined, it is discovered that an ancient message has been uploaded to the probe. Once translated, the message turns out to be a warning to other civilizations in all galaxies: A warning that claims that war and conflict that stifles, sets back or destroys technology, threatens the existence of those species conducting the wars. The message speaks of how their species faced mass extinction, because the technology they needed to develop was well beyond what they could have achieved and they attributed their lack of knowledge to the losses in technology that were inflicted by war.
When Mike shares this information with the World, it seems as if mankind is finally ready to listen to the warning of the ancient race. Earth’s elite however, have other plans as they intercede to manipulate the masses into believing that war is necessary.
As the planet gears up for war, Mike discovers that the probe is not alone: Accompanying the probe is a huge spaceship. This spaceship turns out to be from the same race that sent the warning to Earth and it is in search of a new home for its cargo. This ship has followed the old Earth probe to it planet of origin and one final message is delivered to Humanity.
This last message is that the ship currently orbiting the Earth was built by the ancient species whose planet is now dead. The alien probe the Navy Seals stole from Russia has sensors indicating that Earth is a suitable planet for this ancient species. The aliens also claim that they have not come to invade Earth they are peaceful and because Humanity has so poisoned, radiated and annihilated its own habitat that the aliens are fine with waiting for mankind to cause its own extinction. The aliens then park their space ark in orbit around the Earth, as they wait for mankind to die off. In the end, the alien ship looms in the sky with the Moon as a backdrop: The space ark is so large that it can be seen, as a big black spot in front of the moon.

The Peripherals (Feature-length, Horror)

   A young man discovers that mankind is no longer the apex predator, as he struggles to survive a night of terror.


Joel, a young man in his twenties is waiting on his bus to California in a run down bus station when he meets Timothy, a man who shares a horrifying tale.  According to Timothy, there is a race of creatures that normally exist in a parallel dimension, that can cross over to our Universe under certain conditions.  Timothy warns Joel that the only purpose for these creatures to cross over is to keep a balance between the population on Earth and its available resources.
Timothy calls the creatures Peripherals, because they can implant suggestions into people's minds that keep humans from looking directly at them.  Timothy tells Joel the reason for this control is because they are humanoid, but severely disfigured and do not want people to see what they really look like.  Timothy shows Joel a key for a bus station locker in which he's locked a book that details the history of the Peripherals.  As Timothy starts to give Joel tips on how to avoid being attacked by these Peripherals, he realizes that their conversation has attracted the attention of a Peripheral that has entered the station.  When the Peripheral approaches, Timothy lures it into the bathroom where he wounds it, but is fatally wounded in the encounter as well.  Timothy gives Joel the weapon (a blessed dagger) that he used to fight the Peripheral.  Timothy tries to alert the other passengers of the Peripheral's presence, but when they reach him, the group only finds Joel with Timothy's corpse.  There is no trace of the creature Joel claims killed Timothy, so the others restrain him, believing Joel to be a murderer.
Along with Joel and Timothy, there are a couple of bus station employees and a few other passengers waiting for buses that are not scheduled to arrive until the following morning.  When the group decides to call the police, they realize that cell phone service is down.  Soon afterwards, all electricity in the bus station fails as the Peripheral begins its assault inside the bus station.  When the Peripheral begins its attack, the passengers unite to defend against it, but fail, as one by one they die, screaming as they are dragged into the shadows.
As hope fades, the survivors try to figure out a way to defeat the seemingly indestructible Peripheral.  In the end, mankind's own brutality inadvertently saves the remaining survivor(s), who must now live with the knowledge of the Peripherals.

Treehouse (Feature-length, Children's Adventure, thriller (animation))


A displaced 12-year old, city girl discovers something the world has never seen in a labyrinth beneath the country house inherited from her estranged grandfather.


12-year Claudia’s grandfather Frank passes away, leaving his only daughter (Melissa) a small house on a one-acre plot of land and his only granddaughter (Claudia) a sturdy locked box. The one acre is at the edge of his 30-acre farm, which is inherited by his last wife Betsy and, by extension, her four children (Johnny and Stacey, Bobby and Tommy who are around 10, 11, 12 and 13, respectively). The locked box that Frank left Claudia has been turned over to Frank’s lawyer, who has given it to Claudia. The box shows signs of someone trying to get into it and the lawyer says that it arrived at his office in that condition. The lawyer also says that there was no key found with box. Though Melissa was estranged from her father, she decides to accept and move into the small house, as life has not been great in the big city. Claudia must say goodbye to her friends and the big city and finds life difficult in the country: Betsy’s kids play pranks on Claudia, so she eventually decides to stay away from them. She also believes that their new house is haunted, because she hears noises in the middle of the night and sees mysterious vehicles parked around the property with ‘Men in Black’ inside.
While Claudia is by herself, the key to the locked box mysteriously shows up in her bedroom, in a place she would have sworn she had already looked. When she opens the box, she discovers a letter that is addressed to her, a set of keys and a map that seems to display the location of a treasure buried somewhere at the edge of the property that Frank left to Melissa. Claudia tries the keys in every door in the house, with no luck. When Claudia investigates the treasure on the map, she discovers that it is located a giant tree that holds the treehouse that Betsy’s children have built for themselves. Not wanting to be bothered by Betsy’s kids, Claudia goes back to the treehouse and investigates the treehouse, but finds nothing.
During one of these visits, Claudia finds a homeless boy named Robby, who’s run away from home and lives in the treehouse whenever Betsy’s children aren’t around. Claudia befriends Robby and tells him about the treasure map, which he says he will try to help her solve. During one of her visits to the treehouse, while Claudia and Robby are playing hide and seek, Tommy shows back up, because he forgot something. Claudia hides from Tommy in a thicket of bushes that she would have never dove into, especially had she known it was full of thorns. When Tommy leaves, Claudia tries to leave, but discovers that her foot is caught in something. When she calls out for help, she also realizes that Tommy must have scared Robby off, so she has no choice, but to try to free her foot from whatever it is stuck under. Eventually, she discovers that her foot is caught under some kind of metal handle which has a keyhole next to it. The handle is locked. Claudia gets her foot free and heads home, with scratches all over her arms from the thorns. When Claudia admits to hiding in the bushes from Tommy, Melissa tells her to stay away from Betsy’s kids. Claudia stays away from Betsy’s kids by making certa
in they are not around the next time she visits the treehouse with the set of keys that Frank left to her. When she visits the treehouse again, Robby is still nowhere to be found, so she investigates the door. When Claudia tries the right key, she discovers that the door is automated and opens mechanically. On the other side of the door, Claudia finds a set of stairs that lead into a series of other hallways. At the other end of the first hallway Claudia tries, she finds a secret door that leads to the basement of Betsy’s house. She goes inside and is almost caught by Betsy’s children who hear ‘something’ in their basement. She fumbles with the keys and finds the one that opens the door in Betsy’s basement just in time to avoid being seen by Betsy’s kids. Claudia goes back and over the next few days, she tries various passageways, most of which simply lead to empty fields. When there is only one passage way left to be investigated, Robby shows back up and tries to convince Claudia not to go into it. She ignores her warning and discovers the lab where Frank had been building artificial intelligent creations. She also discovers another locked box, but none of her keys fit. Most of Franks creations are fairly simple, but the notes that Claudia finds indicate that he had and planned to build much more sophisticated creatures.
During one of her visits, the men in black chase Claudia and Robby through the passage ways. She escapes and leads them out into one of the empty fields. The next time Claudia and Robby visit the lab however, the men in black are waiting for her. They explain to them that Frank was doing important work for the Government and that there was one device that they needed to retrieve. It was a device that could mean the difference in the security of the nation. The men in black take Claudia and Robby back to her house and when they threaten both Claudia and her mother, Robby reveals the fact that he is Frank’s greatest creation but not the device that the men in black sought to Claudia only. In the process of fighting the men in black and freeing Claudia and her mother, the house catches fire, so the three leave, as they decide to try to figure out a way out of this mess. Melissa thinks Robby is a child that the Government experimented on, so she wants to protect him, especially since she believes that the men in black set her house on fire. It is while they are on the run that Robby reveals to Claudia the secret of the lab.
The men in black eventually find Frank’s lab and confiscate all of Frank’s inventions. One of the inventions is a military robot that starts out as disassembled smaller devices that seem innocuous on their own, but once assembled create a very formidable humanoid soldier. This soldier is used by the men in black to attack Robby and it starts getting the best of him until Claudia finds the right key that will change the soldier robots programming to only doing good forever. Robby and the soldier (Destroyer, they nickname Dee) fight the men in black who now consider them both a threat to national security.
Once they get away from the men in black, Claudia reveals the second box to Robby, whose programming includes the fabrication of the only key that will open this second box (the key patterns changes every six seconds, as does the key that Robby creates). Inside this box is the deed for a property that Frank owned that no one knew about. The find the property and build a permanent home for Claudia and Melissa before the two robots merge to form the ultimate defensive platform that Frank envisioned protecting his daughter. In this unified form, the two robots become a satellite that not only hides Claudia and Melissa’s whereabouts, but can defend them against any threat known. After Robby and Dee leave, Frank’s other, simpler creations start showing up on this hidden property and start doing the job they were programmed to do, which is to cultivate the land for food.

Yes, That Really Happened

At 25 years old, Chris has figured out that having a college degree is better than not having one. In his pursuit to attain one, he has taken on the task of getting an engineering degree, while working at a lesbian night club that allows him to have his days free for school. A little out of touch with college student years younger and with less real world experience, Chris finds himself confused by some of their actions.
For starters, Chris wakes to find that Jose, a house guest from Hell has pissed all over their couch. This is followed up by the realization he is in a field of study where stress is the initial description, which is made apparent by one of his professors, who talks more about his miserable life than the subject matter.
There is however one bright spot in the day when Chris learns that his boss is letting him carry as many of the open bottles of liquor from the club. The problem is that she’s allowing Chris to take some much liquor, because the club has been shut down by the City and Chris is now unemployed.

Chris will however discover that he is not the only one having a bad day when he discovers that Jose has set his downstairs neighbor’s patio awning on fire and dropped an empty beer bottle on the glass top table that would have been protected by the awning that got burnt up. . . The last event occurring while the downstairs neighbors had friends over for dinner.

When Chris picks up his grade, he discovers that Doctor Unlu wants to Blackmail him with the good grade he actually earned. To restore his grade, Unlu tells Chris that he must help Unlu meet a woman. Chris agrees.
Though things seem bleak at that moment, Chris is pleasantly surprised to find out that Bill’s girlfriend Monica has decided to set him up with her cousin. The night looks to be good, but this impression is proved false when their first stop is to the home of the Bakers, a group of drug taking, gun toting hippies.

Apparently, the Bakers have discovered a cache of competition rifles in a secret room in the house they are renting and trophies that serve as great targets.
The night only gets worse as Chris must figure out how to find a woman who would accept Unlu, despite his apparent baggage, how to keep the peace between individuals who are getting drunker with every stop they make, which include the following: a trip to yet another strange apartment occupied by a Captain Caveman look alike who helps Chris and Bill get so drunk that Chris vomits and pisses all over the bathroom, while Bill tosses ceramic tiles from the balcony, a party where the group would feel more comfortable entering the party through the servant’s quarters and a visit from the police who have received a false anonymous tip from a drunk Bill.

When things seem like they could get no worse, they don’t. As, one by one, Chris friends peel off to sleep it off, Monica’s cousin Annie takes control and shows Chris the sane world in which she parties at a club Chris could never have imagined existed. To Chris, the word eclectic would not have covered the Institute or its patrons, but it would be a good start, as the pair get closer and dance until the Sun tells them it’s time to go home
At 25 years old, Chris has figured out that having a college degree is better than not having one. In his pursuit to attain one, he has taken on the task of getting an engineering degree, while working at a lesbian night club that allows him to have his days free for school. A little out of touch with college student years younger and with less real world experience, Chris finds himself confused by some of their actions.

For starters, Chris wakes to find that Jose, a house guest from Hell has pissed all over their couch. This is followed up by the realization he is in a field of study where stress is the initial description, which is made apparent by one of his professors, who talks more about his miserable life than the subject matter.
There is however one bright spot in the day when Chris learns that his boss is letting him carry as many of the open bottles of liquor from the club. The problem is that she’s allowing Chris to take some much liquor, because the club has been shut down by the City and Chris is now unemployed.

Chris will however discover that he is not the only one having a bad day when he discovers that Jose has set his downstairs neighbor’s patio awning on fire and dropped an empty beer bottle on the glass top table that would have been protected by the awning that got burnt up. . . The last event occurring while the downstairs neighbors had friends over for dinner.

When Chris picks up his grade, he discovers that Doctor Unlu wants to Blackmail him with the good grade he actually earned. To restore his grade, Unlu tells Chris that he must help Unlu meet a woman. Chris agrees.
Though things seem bleak at that moment, Chris is pleasantly surprised to find out that Bill’s girlfriend Monica has decided to set him up with her cousin. The night looks to be good, but this impression is proved false when their first stop is to the home of the Bakers, a group of drug taking, gun toting hippies.

Apparently, the Bakers have discovered a cache of competition rifles in a secret room in the house they are renting and trophies that serve as great targets.
The night only gets worse as Chris must figure out how to find a woman who would accept Unlu, despite his apparent baggage, how to keep the peace between individuals who are getting drunker with every stop they make, which include the following: a trip to yet another strange apartment occupied by a Captain Caveman look alike who helps Chris and Bill get so drunk that Chris vomits and pisses all over the bathroom, while Bill tosses ceramic tiles from the balcony, a party where the group would feel more comfortable entering the party through the servant’s quarters and a visit from the police who have received a false anonymous tip from a drunk Bill.

When things seem like they could get no worse, they don’t. As, one by one, Chris friends peel off to sleep it off, Monica’s cousin Annie takes control and shows Chris the sane world in which she parties at a club Chris could never have imagined existed. To Chris, the word eclectic would not have covered the Institute or its patrons, but it would be a good start, as the pair get closer and dance until the Sun tells them it’s time to go home


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